We Purchase Used Cars, Trucks & SUV's

We pay quality prices for quality cars and premium prices for premium cars; Running or Not - We come to you!

Driving a vehicle that is old and worn out is not only an inconvenience, but can also become a safety hazard. At UpickSave, we will buy your used car or truck for cash today, at one of our two locations: Anaheim or Gardena in California.

Let us help you move forward with the purchase of a new vehicle and put some extra cash in your hand. We are a fully licensed and bonded auto dealer and dismantler. As such, we proudly offer some of the best deals on used vehicles. With over 50 years of experience, you can trust UpickSave to offer you a competitive price. No matter the make or model, selling your car or truck at UpickSave is easy, hassle-free, and will put cash in your pocket today.

We also proudly contribute to environmental preservation. When you sell us your car, you’ll contribute to the 15,000 tons of scrap metal we recycle each year.

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In our office, our number one goal is simplicity. We make the process as convenient as possible and our experienced staff will complete all DMV paperwork on your behalf.

No matter the condition of your vehicle, we will offer you competitive rates. Our car buying team of professionals is the best in the business, and will answer any and all of your questions. Call our car buying professionals at 1 (800) 944-5865 or email us to request a quote. We are open every day of the year (except Christmas) so give us a call today or visit us at any one of our two locations: Anaheim or Gardena.

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