For over 50 years our customers have depended on us to provide quality used automotive parts for their cars or trucks at affordable prices. With an automotive recycling yard located in Gardena, we have a huge inventory of all types of vehicle parts and we sell thousands of parts each week to customers nationwide. Our yards are stocked daily with new inventory of domestic and foreign vehicles, come on by or give us a call and we can have one of our yard techs get you the parts you need.

We specialize in Electronic Control Modules (ECM’s) or known as Electronic Control Units (ECU’s) which is your vehicle’s main computer. ECM’s & ECU’s can be very costly when purchased new at the local dealer and difficult to replace, but we make it easy and affordable having thousands of automotive engine computers for all types of vehicles available now and in stock. If you need and Engine Computer call our parts manager at (800) 944-5865 and let us help you save money and get your car running again. With our large inventory of ECM’s & ECU’s chances are we have your parts in stock and ready to ship to you sometimes even in the same day.

We also have thousands of quality used automotive parts including AC Compressors, Alternators, Starters, Wheels, Shocks, Rotors, Radios /Stereos, Brake Parts, Engines, Transmissions, Differentials and so much more.

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If you need automotive parts give us a call at (800) 944-5865 or email us via our contact form, chances are we have your parts in stock and can ship them to you fast and at affordable prices. Getting the automotive parts you need is fast and affordable. With locations in Anaheim, Gardena we have thousands of good used automotive parts available in stock, ready for pick up or we can ship them to you.

Visit our locations or give us a call and you’ll see why our customers have been buying our automotive parts for over 50 years and have come to appreciate our large selection, knowledgeable service and automotive expertise.

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